Connecting people through the power of music


Connecting people through the power of music


TAMBER is a social music app that connects people so that they can discover, discuss and listen to all their music in one app.

The idea of a place where people can come together through the power of music was an idea that TAMBER’s founder had nearly four years before our company was founded. But because not every road life is a straight line, TAMBER was officially founded in New Jersey in January 2020 (what a time to create a company!)


At TAMBER, our mission is to unify people – no matter their location, ethnicity, or credo – through the universal language of music.


We envision a future where people across the world come together to create, connect, discuss, discover and listen to music without boundaries.


At TAMBER we value family, creativity and accessibility. We believe that family should come first and commit to ensuring a work-life balance for all of our employees. We believe that only when we are fulfilled in our personal lives, can we deliver on our mission and vision to the TAMBER community. We believe that everyone is inherenity creative and thus creativity must be in everything that we do. We also believe that we have obligation to create a community where people can show their creative expression through music. Finally, we believe that music is food for the soul and a human right and should be accessible. We are committed to making sure that everyone has access to participating in the joys of music, whether it be in the creation, discussion, or just listening to music.

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