TAMBER Is Redefining Music In The Social Age

Reflecting on 2020

2020 was a challenging year for so many, and while we reflect on the hardship that the world has faced over the last 12 months, we also look to 2021 with hope and optimism. We here at TAMBER have been hard at work over the last year on a new social music and music discovery app, and coming in early 2021, we will be launching the beta version of our app, TAMBER.

I first got the idea for TAMBER back in 2016. At the time, I was stuck in a music rut. I’ve been an avid Spotify user since 2013. I have thousands upon thousands of songs carefully (and sometimes carelessly) curated across 100+ playlists. Still, at that time, I found myself struggling to break out and find something new. I tried everything – starting new radio stations from my existing playlists, searching Spotify’s curated playlists, and trending songs in different countries. I tried exploring the “Fans Also Like” section on some of my favorite artists’ pages.

Still, nothing I did provided the results I was looking for. Maybe I found a song here or there that was interesting, but I was looking for something that would have me totally obsessed. You know that feeling when you discover an artist and just can’t get enough of their music – you devour their catalog and then go on a YouTube search to find any live performances they’ve done. That’s what I was looking for – THAT feeling. I decided to turn to a couple of friends – both just as obsessed with music as me – and both have a taste in music that I respect, which is important. My friends mostly recommended artists to me that I’d already listened to and either incorporated into my exhaustive library of playlists or just wasn’t that into.

Left frustrated and still unable to scratch my itch, I asked myself, “why isn’t there an easy way for me to find people that are interested in the same music as me and whose recommendations I can trust?” And with that simple question, the idea of TAMBER was born.

Although the initial seeds of TAMBER were first planted in 2016, I wouldn’t actually form the company until January 2020 (and what a time to start a business). However, during this four-year gap between having the idea of TAMBER and actually creating a company, the vision, and mission of the company, and perhaps even more importantly, the need for a company like TAMBER in the market, became much clearer.

Where we are now

Music has always been a social experience since its inception. In recent decades, however, personal music players like the Walkman, the iPod, and now, music streaming services, have made music much more accessible, yet much less social. Music has become such a private and intimate experience for so many of us in our day-to-day lives, whether we’re playing music on our commute to work or while running errands or just trying to clear our head. Yet, for so long, music was a social centerpiece.

Personally speaking, music is at the heart of all of my favorite childhood memories, from school recitals to cookouts and concerts, to outings with my family to browse the latest cassettes(!) and CDs. While many of these things still occur today, in a world that is increasingly virtual, where people are connecting and bonding over topics while being thousands of miles apart, I felt that the music experience had been left out of this cultural transformation. I felt we needed a community where people could come together – no matter the location or credo – to form bonds through the power of music because music is social, it always has been, and it always will be.

Looking ahead in 2021

Our upcoming beta app launch aims to bridge the gaps between music, music discovery, and the social/human element with our app. The TAMBER app will allow you to create a community where you: can find people who share your music interests, discuss music, share songs from YouTube and Spotify, and discover the music that you like and want to hear, all in a single social music app. 

We are excited to begin this journey and hope that you will join us along the way. To keep up with our progress on the app, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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